Healthy Immune System Outline

Tilak Vij

Our Immune System is the main line of protection against deadly infectious diseases. Immune system works round the clock to keep us healthy. Therefore, it is crucial to keep our immune system strong by eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy life style. 

Issues like stress, anxiety and excess consumption of alcohol can have a negative effect on our immunity and can make us prone to getting frequent infections.

Many studies have shown that people who have weaker immune system are the most affected by the novel crono virus infection.

Thus it becomes important to evaluate the well-being of our immune system. Some obvious signs of our of weak immune system are like falling sick oftenly. If you are feeling fatigued even after catching on some extra hours of sleep, it can be a sign that your immune system needs more of your energy than normal.

According to John Hopkins University, a big part of our immune system lies in our gut. Our gastrointestinal track has good bacteria that releases antibodies to fight infection. 

Regular happening of mouth ulcers because of biting of your own tongue or cheek. Frequent mouth ulcers can be indication of a weak immune system. 

Some reasons for weakened immune system can be due to smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition and disorganised lifestyle. ......

Organ inflammation can also slow down the immune system of the body. Immunity is also affected by seasonal changes.

There are different ways of boosting your immune health and one of the major ones is Ayurveda medicine which can help to boost your immune health. Ayurvedic expert, Dimple Jangda says that there are some Ayurvedic herbs that are good for your immune health. Neem leaves, phyllanthus Niruri, Perled ginger, Amala, Giloy and Brahmi are some of the useful herbs which can help boost immune system if taken with the advice of a Ayurvedic expert.

For boosting our immune system 

Ayurveda tells us about the cost effective and natural way of living. With its origin starting from the Vedic culture in India, the ancient medicine Ayurveda for more than 5000 years has been helping people of all ages to overcome their illnesses. If you want to boost your immune system in a natural way, then Ayurveda is the right path for you. Usually winter is considered the most appropriate season for a therapy for strengthening the immunity, but we can try to improve it at any time of the year if needed.

The Ayurvedic theory of immunity is called ‘Beej-bhumi’ which literally means as “seed and land”. The body is seen as the fertile land in which infections or harmful “bugs” can grow. 

If our body is out of balance and full of Ama - the toxic by-products that result from incomplete digestion - viruses and harmful bacteria will find fertile soil for their growth.

There are certain foods which enhance immunity. Any food that our body is able to digest quickly - means turns into energy that is Ojas. Ojas is the end product of complete digestion that creates radiant good health, stable emotions and immunity.

 It is only in the recent times, more and more people are becoming aware about the side-effects of allopathic system of medicines and have started searching natural ways of health-care. Thus the Ayurveda, the ancient Indian System of Medicare, is regaining the acceptance all over the world. Ayurveda is free to very cost-effective form of treatment. According to Ayurveda, prevention is more important than cure.

Homeopathy science of medicine is another important branch of Medicare which helps in boosting immune system of our body. Dr. Dipti Bhagat is a well-known Homeopath. She says that there are no specific medicines which are thought to be more effective than others in augmenting your immune and defence system. Each homeopathic medicine is thought to be effective when it is properly prescribed. Like - Arsenicum Album is a very common is a very common homeopathic medicine. Although some Authors have described homeopathic medicines as immuno-stimulating drugs (drugs that stimulate a depressed immune system and that one down an over active immune system). Dr. Dipti adds that breast feeding of children for development of immune system is popular from ancient times. It needs to be continued for developing strong immune system of children. 

The intensity at which the number of Coronavirus cases are growing worldwide, it has become necessary to take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of infection. This is why we need a healthy and strong immune system. Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti follows a Vedic hymn 'Sarvae Santu Niramaya' that all living beings be free from diseases and looks forwards for an early solution to the deadlier Covid-19.