Letter to The Editor

Sub: Issue 13 of E-Journal

Bhai Mahesh

please accept my congratulations on bringing such a descent get-up and look out for our e-Journal. this is indeed of national and international level. The contents given in the articles are quite informative. The titles: The skin transplant, The liver's ability to repair, and The life after death are quite provocative and attracts the reader to read them. The pics attached to the articles are relevant to the subject.

Following may please be considered to be included in next issues onward:

  1. Some statistical data needs to be provided in our journal.e.g How much was the requirement of cadavers in various medical colleges in Delhi and NCR. how many requests were recd by DDS during the period. and how many cadavers were provided by DDS and other NGOs (If possible)
  2. The similar data may be provided in case of Eyes and other organs( Again I will say, if possible). This information may be given in a tabulated form. I understand that we will have to do lot of work and face innumerous problems in collecting this information, but this is done than it will be channelized, and our journal will have a great demand. Further, it may do wonders in meeting our targets. As it will give the clear picture of demand and availability.
  3. We may include a column for our activities for next two months in our journal..

Sir, please excuse me in case, I have overdone it..

Thanks and regards

Vinod Agarwal

Dear Mahesh ji

Congratulations for the new volume of e-journal.

The article by Sh. Vinod Agrawal ji is very informative. It highlights the requirement and availablity of the organs for transplantation. There is a large gap and the suggested action points for way forward need to be discussed and acted upon to increase awareness and acceptance of organ donation.

The interview of Dr. K.K. Agrawal, President IMA spells out the initiatives being taken by IMA in the field of organ/body donation. We may associate with IMA in their forthcoming events to increase our efforts for this noble cause.

Several lakhs of patients are waiting for organ donation and their family members are also keen for early transplantation. It may be considered to assess as to how many of those relatives have taken pledge to donate their body/organs after death.

Rajiv Goel