The Green Corridor, usually created for swift transportation of organs for transplantation has been instrumental in saving many lives in India.
Dr. Vishal Chaddha, Vice President, Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti spoke to Shri Ajay Kashyap, Special Commissnor Traffic, Delhi, Mr. B. S. Gujjar, DIG, Delhi Traffic Police , TI Mr. Joginder and TI Ms. Sumitra Solanki on its formation and execution.

A man aged 29 was under treatment in the Cardiac Unit of India’s most prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Doctor treating him had explained the family that the patient requires a human heart transplant to survive. At 4.30 pm Doctor asked the family to thank God and informed that “We were trying to find a Live Human Heart for transplant (only possible through Organ Donation of a Brain Dead Person), we are Happy that Organ Retrieval and Banking Organisation(ORBO) had just informed us that we have got a match of (human heart) in Hyderabad. At 6.30 PM the harvested heart will arrive at Domestic Airport, Delhi, through an air ambulance. That should reach us in no more than 15 minutes through an ambulance by road and we have to transplant it immediately or it will go waste”. Immediately the next question from the wife whose emotions on her tired face were frequently changing, to Doctor was, “How will it be possible to carry the heart from the airport to AIIMS in just 15 minutes in this peak traffic rush. The light of hope which had just aroused with the availability of donated heart was fading in the doubt of its transportation.

Doctor assured her to keep faith and be patient. He told her that ORBO has spoken to the Traffic Police Authorities. Mr Ajay Kashyap, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police (Traffic), has assured that the police will provide a GREEN CORRIDOR for the ambulance to ensure the speedy passage of ambulance.

At the same time at 4.30 pm, Police HQ, suddenly escalated. Senior Officers poured into the office and everyone became busy in his own domain. Now at 6.25 pm, they were waiting for a message to be flashed as the ambulance carrying young Heart for transplant was to hit road as soon as it get the package. Now as a trustee of this package, dedicated Officers of the Delhi Traffic Police had to ensure that the ambulance carrying the new lease of life arrives at the destination as scheduled. Team of seniors at HQ will monitor the convoy to ensure a clear and speedy way. With only small number of officers this team will make way through many heavy traffic stretches, traffic lights and round-abouts.

This convoy led by Traffic Inspector (TI) Ms. Sumitra Solanki covered 11.1 km in 11 minutes, Less than a Km/ Minute. She shared “This is a complete team work. It gives me an immense satisfaction and joy to accomplish such assignments, despite all pressure. We value Human life and this is our offering in the Big Yajna. “When I shared my experience of Green Corridor for the first time with my children, they just hugged me with emotions,” recalled Ms.Solanki.

Mr. Ajay Kashyap, a composed and humble personality in the Control Room monitors very minutely and instruct as and when required. He says “We accomplish these assignments on humanitarian grounds. This noble cause becomes our top priority, whenever it is expected out of us. A Human Heart can be preserved for 4 Hrs but the survival of the recipient increase if the transplant is early”.

Another Senior officer, Mr. B .S. Gujjar, DIG, Delhi Traffic Police states “we have been doing this exercise regularly and have been able to falicitate around 109 times till date. Last year only we have been able to successfully provide 22 Green Corridors. “Patience and compassion for human values drives us to stretch our limits to accomplish this goal very professionally”.

Traffic Inspector, Sh. Joginder, who is regularly a part of the team said “We only contribute our efforts in a way to execute the strong will of someone who had decided passionately to donate his dear one’s live heart in the service of Humanity; to live beyond death.

Dr. Vishal Chaddha,
Vice President, Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti